We are the manufacturing company for the unique SHERP all-terrain vehicles with the impressive functionality. SHERPs are reliable and low-maintenance vehicles created to work in the extreme operational conditions. Geologists, oil workers, fishers, hunters, thrill-seekers and discoverers have already been using these all-terrain vehicles for work and overcoming the wild.

Unique features:

  • Its max. speed is 40 km/h;
  • it climbs over obstacles as high as 1 meter and a gradient up to 35 degree;
  • it incredibly easy overcomes stone fields, sand, snow, fallen trees, it moves on the ice and in the water;
  • it floats and gets out of the water onto the ice.

Even these features are impressive. And SHERP has dozens of them!

It took about 20 years of research and thousands of improvements for creation of the final version of the all-terrain vehicle. As a result, only high performance parts, reliable devices, technologies and solutions tested and proven with time and severe conditions are implemented in the SHERP ATV design.